Instant Digital Advertising Screens

Centerline Media offers a unique media system allowing any user from residential and commercial managers and owners the ability to upload and display their advertisements and notices, anytime, anywhere, instantaneously.

Centerline Media Corporation

By signing up for free today you will instantly be able to upload your advertisement to any of our screens with available ad space. This easy to use system is efficient and provides you access from your own business without long wait times or complex systems. Useful to commercial and residential environments - start communicating with these consumers today!

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See Everything at a glance from your dashboard

The Centerline Media dashboard allows users to view their profile displaying current and past templates, campaigns, account details and options to purchase additional credits. Users will have the ability to see recent locations and schedule campaigns at any time.

Flexible Credit Purchase Options

The Centerline Media credit page provides users with the option of purchasing packages or pay per credits, with the option of discounted packages to save on monthly campaigns. Users have the ability to use their credits to purchase advertisement space on multiple digital screens across the Greater Toronto Area.

Search For The Perfect Location For Your Ad

The Centerline Media locations page provides users with the ability to view all current buildings utilizing the instant digital advertising screens. Users will be able to search by location using address, city, keywords and integrated regional map. The page will show trending locations and provide details on the type of building, target audience, and credits required for campaigns within that location.

Receive Notifications When Your Campaign Has Been Reviewed

The Centerline Media notification page will provide users with an instant overview of current and past campaigns and credit balance. The notification page will list outstanding campaigns and those which have been approved and posted.

Upload Your Own Ad Or Create One Using Our Template Generator

The Centerline Media templates page allows users to upload existing advertisements or notices to the site for use with the instant digital advertising screens. This page will also allow users to create templates using our easy graphic tools. All past templates will be stored on this page for future use if desired.

Select The Start and End Date For Your Ad

The Centerline Media campaigns page allows users to view all current campaigns and their status; whether approved, declined or pending. This page allows users to schedule new campaigns with the ability to replace existing advertisements within the campaigns scheduled timeslot. This provides users access to display any amount of advertisements during their timeslots.

Easily Manage Your Campaigns And Templates

Instant digital advertising is the perfect platform to relay real time information to your building tenants. Building Managers have the ability to display advertisements / notices by uplaoding or using the easy template creator, enabling you to display and change ads at anytime. Building managers will be able to see all third party advertisements displaying in their buildings.

Are you a building owner?

Centerline Media's instant digital advertising screens allow building owners to communicate instantly with their tenants to provide immediate information on important notices and upcoming events.

This advertising screen system allows owners to re-cooperate elevator operating costs through a payback partnership of external advertising revenues. Other key benefits include:

  • Go green by eliminating paper notices
  • Save time by communicating more effectively and efficiently with building tenants
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Generate revenues

Discounts Available with Monthly Elevator Services!

By signing on with Synergy Elevator Solutions on monthly elevator service there will be discounts to both elevator consulting as well as Centerline Media.
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Centerline Media's Instant Digital Advertising Screen program allows businesses to upload their advertisements to any of our digital advertising screens with available ad space. Our free sign up and user friendly program allows businesses to fully customize their ad campaign.

Centerline Media's Instant Digital Advertising Screens is a great option for businesses to reach new potential customers in both residential and commercial buildings. Sign up today and start advertising instantly!

  • Reach your potential customers right away
  • Upload your own ad or use our free online tool to create your ad
  • You decide when and where your ad plays
  • Low minimum buy, get started for just $25

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